Seller’s Side: Helping Buyers Beat the Heat

It’s getting hotter each day, so why not entice a few extra buyers in with the promise of a refreshing cool down? You’ll make your home more appealing, potentially bringing in more offers after an open house or home showing. 

A few hours before the guests are to arrive, turn the thermostat down a few degrees. The chilled air will be a great welcome to the arriving buyers. Have ceiling fans on a low to medium speed for better air circulation. 

Instead of the stereotypical cookies baking in the oven (which will heat the kitchen up), provide a pitcher of lemonade or ice tea with a set of disposable cups. As they wander the yard with the refreshment, they’ll be better able to envision themselves enjoying summer days in their new home. 

You’re likely already planning on repainting a few rooms to give the home a fresh look. When you choose colors, pick cool tones, like blues and greens. A subtle accent wall can change the way the home feels, or at minimum add cooling colors in easy ways like throw pillows. To add to the cool feel without actually lowering the temperature, make sure any water features are on and prominently displayed.

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