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All real estate agents and brokerages are NOT the same. Most are still listing and selling a property the traditional way. However …

I focus on “Selling Fast At The Maximum Sales Price Possible”...helping regular folks who want the biggest and fastest liquidation of their home equity. -All the while helping you find a new home. If that is what you're looking to do.

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Some agents specialize in short sales and some specialize in senior living or other niches. Me — I am a home sales specialist. And I'll prove it! In fact, I'll GUARANTEE it! If you list your home with me, I pledge to sell your home in 39 days or less, or I WILL SELL IT FREE!* That's right, I will not charge a commission if I can't sell it fast.

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Most homes are listed for an attractively low asking price, in hopes of driving up the eventual sales price with a bidding war. There’s always a risk of the financing falling through on your highest-priced offer, especially if your home doesn't end up appraising for the offered amount. When that happens, you’ve jeopardized lower offers, and potential buyers may wonder if there’s a flaw in your home that made your deal fall through. 

Why not price it at appraised value in the first place? Heck, why not complete all, or most of all, the necessary inspections, title searches and certifications before the home is even listed.

Combining this preparation with the a price that cannot be argued, along with my winning marketing strategy, will result in top dollar for your home in no time.

*Some conditions may apply.


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